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Our olive trees have since it was planted 5 years ago never had any chemical treatment / fertiliser or anything like that.  These trees are treated and fertilised with natural products like Epson salt, which is very good as an insecticide as well. The olive oil we use at De Denne are cold pressed olive oil from our own trees. 

We have a veggie garden and most of the veggies this season came from that garden.  Also no chemicals or fertiliser only plain used filter coffee, tea bags, chicken egg shells and banana peels all mixed together and used just like that in our garden… works like a dream. 

You can also use it in your garden as well.  Our amenities in our rooms are manufactured from Rooibos, and is very soft to be used use on any skin type. Even when cleaning our laundry (linen and towels) we use a mixture of washing powder, baking soda and coarse salt.  And as softener we use vinegar.  It leaves your linen and towels soft and fresh.


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De Denne Country Guest House and Ostrich Farm is centrally situated on the Garden Route in the Klein Karoo.

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GPS: S33° 39, 475” E022° 07,914”

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