Taste your way along the world’s longest Wine Route!

Introducing the King of all Wine Routes… 

Different countries and different regions are renowned for their wines, but very few are as valued as the gems along the Klein Karoo Wine Route.

The earliest evidence of a grape-based fermented drink (wine) was found in China from 7000 BC. People from around the world have been enjoying the fruits of the vines for millennia and it has not stopped since. 

Each and every town offers a delicious variety of quality drink, including dry wines, fortified wines and pot-stilled brandies.

Swartberg Mountain Pass Mountain Range Little Karoo Klein Karoo oudtshoorn garden route

Located between majestic mountain ranges, the grapevines here are grown mostly on the high slopes with fertile alluvial soil. With a drier climate than other wine regions, these grapes are grown organically and result in a tastier beverage. It is generally agreed that the wine route stretches from Montagu in the west, to Outenique in the east with the Cape Route 62 connecting these two towns like a stem. And off of this stem you will find towns like Barrydale, Ladismith, Calitzdorp, Oudtshoorn, De Rust and Herold. 

The best thing about exploring the Klein Karoo wine route though is not only the medley of tastes these wines have to offer, but it is also the friendly people and grandiose landscape, not to mention the unique cuisine. On a single day in Oudtshoorn for example, you can enjoy a perfectly prepared ostrich steak paired with a fine Chardonnay, while embraced by the Swartberg Mountains and enthralled by the antics of ostriches all around.  

Klein Karoo Wine Route

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