De Denne Presents... An ostrich soap opera!

Ostrich Divorce is in the air…

Here is some bitter-sweet news from the De Denne farm today.

Our beloved ostrich couple, Cadbury and Suzie’s longstanding ‘domestic partnership’ has unfortunately ended in divorce. It turns out the couple were not compatable and swift action had to be taken.

At first, Cadbury was visibly sad – since Suzie took everything in the divorce! He was left with a broken heart and an empty camp!

Suzie has moved on and is now a single mother, living her best life elsewhere on the farm. The good news is that Cadbury has recovered from his broken heart and started dating again!

Here he can be seen with his new girlfriend, who shall remain nameless until next week… The couple just moved in together and the honeymoon seems to be off to a good start!

We are tickled pink and will keep subscribers updated.

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Music: ‘Heart’s Content’ by Brandi Carlile

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